The Shortcomings of Serverless Design in AWS

Serverless is coming.  My team recently deployed our first serverless application, and I’m ready to swear by that statement. It only took two weeks to completely refactor our web application...

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Testing React JS Code

A few months ago, I set out to write tests for a UI project I was working on. I had never written tests for a user interface before. This particular...

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Golang Thinks You are a Bad Programmer

There is a fine line between being idiomatic and being idiotic and Golang walks it like Cash. In the short time I have been using Golang, I have come to...

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Bash Scripts Need Love Too

Code. Code never changes… If you’re going to automate your infrastructure, chances are you’re going to have shell scripts involved. Scripts are the glue that holds so many of our...

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From Apprentice to Mentor

At Maryville, we are 3 weeks into our new Co-op program where I am working directly with college interns with different backgrounds and skill sets.  I went through a similar...

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Mistakes were made

I really enjoyed the first season of Westworld. There were so many themes touched upon, complex storylines masterfully woven into a cohesive narrative. One quote that stuck with me though...

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Escape Vagrant using Vagrant

We’ve spent a lot of time at Maryville thinking about how to marry the worlds of containers and virtual machines. In theory, all the components exist right now to create...

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You don’t want to LEARN?!

On a day I will never forget, I was part of a group of junior and senior developers having lunch discussing different methods for debugging and tracing your software, when...

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