3 Reasons Why You Should Stop by MaryvilleDev at GlobalHack VI

GlobalHack VI is this weekend!!! We couldn’t be more excited for our participation in this event. MaryvilleDev is looking forward to a weekend of competition and collaboration. Come by and meet us! Here are three reasons you won’t want to pass up this opportunity:


  1. Meet the Meat

There’s a fantastic array of humans that work @ MaryvilleDev.  We are a passionate group of coders and technologists interested in producing great software, and having a good time doing it.  We’d love to talk to you about our approach and some of the things we are working on!


  1. Swag & Prizes

FREE STUFF!   Ok seriously, stop by our booth to grab some cool swag.  Also – stickers.


  1. Networking and Recruiting

Are you awesome? Do you have pet projects that you don’t have time to work on?  Do you open-source?  Do you own an inordinate number of Star Wars t-shirts?  We’re hiring and looking for people like you!