What Maryville Dev Center Learned from Globalhack VI: Diversity + Passion + Purpose = Unstoppable

To all of the GlobalHack VI participants who didn’t sleep this weekend, we hope you read this tomorrow. To everyone who is awake today, here are some of our learnings from our weekend at Globalhack VI in St. Louis, Missouri held at the Chaifetz Arena on the SLU Campus.

We spoke with people from all over the world, 5 countries and 33 states were represented – that were interested in coming  to St. Louis, Missouri to help solve the problem of homelessness and let’s not forget, win $1,000,000 in prizes. The unity in the belief that over a weekend teams could create solutions to a problem so multifaceted as homelessness, coupled with the conviction that software can change the world – was a very impressive thing to behold.

We were thoroughly impressed with the diversity in the teams, and their approaches and solutions. Jim McBride, VP Software Development, visited with many of the teams in the pit and was shown everything from natural-language processing applied to an emergency response texting application for impacted individuals to community-centered HMS approaches that helped create a fabric of responsibility and care for the homeless population.

From intense games of Ms. Pac-Man to deep conversations about building software and teams – GlobalHack VI provided a unique opportunity to interact with the people creating a massive force for change in the civic space.

The sponsor participants from Maryville Dev Center were thrilled to be part of your weekend and thank you to all who participated in our sticker promotion.

We can’t wait for GlobalhackVII!

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